blog tritonal celebrates 100th radio show in hometown of texas

Tritonal Celebrates 100th Radio Show In Hometown Of Texas!

Recently crowned #65 on DJ Mag’s Top 100, Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, otherwise known as Tritonal, are teaming up with Disco Donnie Presents to celebrate 100 blissful episodes of their popular radio show Air Up There, with a homecoming show at Emo’s East on Saturday, December 8 in their hometown of Austin, Texas. “Being able to celebrate 100 episodes of our radio show with a performance in our hometown of Austin means the world to us and after touring the globe for the past year, ending up full circle where we started out is very inspiring.” says Cisneros.

This dynamic event will not only feature the performance of the sought after outfit, but will also feature a jaw dropping lineup will fellow trance and progressive acts Super8 & Tab, Kyau & Albert, and Will Holland for a night of energy evoking, uplifting dance music. As an extra added bonus, Cristina Soto, writer and vocalist on ‘Lifted,’ ‘Still With Me,’ and ‘Everafter,’ will also perform with the group on stage.

This event is all ages and tickets are now available, click here to purchase!

Tritonal Celebrates 100th Radio Show In Hometown Of Texas!

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