New Scholarship at Blair School of Music Honors Music Promoter Leon Jackson

A new scholarship fund has been established at the Blair School of Music in honor of Leon Jackson, the late music and event promoter who introduced a generation of Nashvillians to electronic dance music.

DDP Worldwide Inc., better known as Disco Donnie Presents, has made a $100,000 charitable contribution to Vanderbilt to endow the Leon Jackson Scholarship. This need-based scholarship will go to deserving undergraduate students at Vanderbilt Blair, with preference given to students from groups that are underrepresented at the school.

Jackson, who died of colorectal cancer in 2016 at age 47, was a beloved figure in Nashville’s nightclub community for more than 20 years, promoting dance and electronica events at venues throughout the city, starting as a “street team” promoter at Nashville’s Hillwood High School and Belmont University, then through his own production company, Ultimo Presents, and later in partnership with large-scale event promoters Insomniac Events and Disco Donnie Presents.

Jackson worked all his life to erase prejudice and pigeonholing in the music industry by giving a voice and platform to talented artists from a wide range of communities and musical genres. This scholarship continues that legacy, by helping increase diversity of viewpoint and experience at Vanderbilt Blair.

“In the five years since Leon left us, we’ve reflected on the positive mark he left in this world,” said Donnie Estopinal, CEO of Disco Donnie Presents. “He was a mentor to many, and helped provide opportunities to upcoming talent in the Nashville music scene. DDP couldn’t think of a more fitting way to continue his legacy than through an endowed scholarship in the field he loved most.

“Leon knew the power of higher education and its ability to change lives, and he viewed the Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music as aspirational. But above all, he was an observer and listener. And he understood the importance of understanding diversity in life and its potential in business.”

“We are proud to honor the memory of Leon Jackson with this new scholarship,” said Lorenzo F. Candelaria, Dean of the Vanderbilt Blair School of Music. “In addition to foregrounding in perpetuity an important and dazzling entrepreneur in the music industry, the Leon Jackson Scholarship firmly underscores our commitment to inclusive excellence at Vanderbilt Blair.” Disco Donnie Presents is an award-winning and recognized leader in electronic dance music event production, founded by veteran promoter James “Disco” Donnie Estopinal. Since the company’s inception in 1994, DDP has sold more than 17 million tickets, producing more than 17,000 live events, arena shows and outdoor festivals in more than 100 markets around the world, including the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Panama. Annually, DDP is responsible for organizing and promoting nearly 1,000 club events across the U.S. ranging from Portland, Columbus, Houston, Tampa, New Orleans, Dallas, and St. Louis to name only a few. DDP is also known for producing such major festivals such as The Day After, Ultimate Music Experience, Sun City Music Festival and, most recently, Ubbi Dubbi, Sunset Music Festival, Ember Shores and Freaky Deaky.

For more information, contact Vanderbilt Blair Director of External Relations Kristin Whittlesey at or 615-491-7460.

Women of The Disco: Part 8

While it’s no secret that women are underrepresented in the Music Industry; Female leadership has proven to be an imperative factor for the success of the Electronic Dance scene. Women of The Disco is an initiative to highlight some of those powerhouses who are trailblazing the path and shaping the future of EDM.

Women of the Disco: Top 10

Maria Southgate

Maria Southgate

Marketing & Product Manager | Bensley / The Industry Standard

Maria got her start in the music industry working in PR and marketing, spearheading press campaigns for artists across the full spectrum of dance music. Initially, Maria worked as a Press Assistant for Drum & Bass record label Viper Recordings, before joining music PR agency Infectious PR. She then moved on to a Marketing Manager position at Never Say Die Records.

Maria’s current day to day responsibilities include overseeing the marketing strategy for Never Say Die Records, as well as Product Management for all releases. It’s her job to keep the promo ball rolling and to plan all roll outs and marketing activities. Maria makes sure that releases are pitched and assets are delivered on time, as well as liaising directly with artists, managers, press, curators, marketing partners and more. Additionally, she manages electronic act Bensley and works day-to-day on the roster of Industry Standard management acts including Zomboy, MUST DIE! and Space Laces.

Some attributes that have helped Maria find success within this profession are being extremely driven and focused in her work and holding herself to high standards. She always has the artist’s best interests at heart and invests a lot of time into making sure the artist’s vision is executed fully and effectively.

Advice for others: “Never entertain the thought that you’re not enough. The music industry is very male dominated and can be intimidating, but women are the glue holding this scene together and our work is so important. Keep on moving forward always!”

Bri Guarnere

Bri Guarnere

Booking Coordinator | Live Nation

Throwing it back to her middle school days, Bri used to have her parents take her to all the alternative/pop-punk shows to ever exist on South Street in Philly. Bri quickly realized from basically living at these venues as a teen, that she could find a way to turn her love for music into a lifelong career. A few years later, Bri went to Temple University in Philly to study the media & music business and saw a marketing internship posting at Live Nation one day. She took a risk and applied thinking she just would never hear back. Luckily, they gave Bri a chance and she began interning there her junior year of college (shout out to the one who believed in her from the start, Dave Niedbalski). After she graduated, Bri was offered a full-time job processing all artist contracts and venue agreements, really learning the ins & outs of the deals behind the scenes. From there, Bri took an interest in the booking world and is currently a booking coordinator supporting multiple talent buyers across their 10+ venues in the Philly area / surrounding regions around PA and NJ.

Aside from managing show bookings at all Live Nation venues, she also assists in producing a couple festivals in the region such as Camp Bisco and HiJinx. Having the opportunity to work closely on festival bookings and operations, it really opened Bri up to the EDM world. She actually spends a lot of her free time traveling to other festivals, not even produced by LN, to just experience the way other promoters run their events and understand more about the scene. Bri has met some of the best people at these events and has gained more love for the scene with each experience. One of her coolest achievements was being a part of the team that launched, named, and branded their annual end of the year HiJinx festival that takes place in the convention center right on Broad Street. Bri’s passion and love for any kind of music has helped her find success in her career this far. This is definitely a passion based industry and finding like-minded and supportive colleagues, both at LN and from the connections Bri has made with others at shows and festivals around the country, has kept her going.

Some advice for other women in this field is actually from one of Philly’s very own queen, P!NK – “you can’t move mountains by whispering at them.” “This is something that has stuck with me for a while, and something I am constantly reminding myself with. I definitely found some confidence in working in this industry, but at the same time have definitely felt the fear of speaking up and standing up for myself at times when I needed to most. You all have a voice, don’t be afraid to use it!”

Amaya Bankowski

Amaya Bankowski

Social Media Coordinator | Philadelphia, PA

A music lover through and through, Amaya began playing multiple instruments at a very young age which is where her passion for creativity first took off. At 19, she was hired as a music blogger at a local radio station in Philadelphia, while attending college at Temple University. Quickly, she knew the music industry was her home. Amaya has always been drawn to electronic music because of the way it connects, inspires, and influences people to find their personal happiness without boundaries. Amaya began working at Universal Music Group in 2021 as a digital marketing assistant and discovered how much she enjoys the content / social side of marketing, communicating with fans and focusing on branding is where she thrives. In the summer of 2021, Amaya was hired as the Social Media Coordinator for Disco Donnie Presents, becoming one of the members of their first in house marketing team as she entered her final year of college. She is graduating from Temple University with a Bachelors in Advertising this May. Amaya wants to continue to follow where her passion leads, and inspire others to do the same for themselves. In her free time, she still enjoys playing instruments and creating art across all mediums.

Advice for others: “Finding your identity and sense of self is a never ending journey (I mean that in a positive way!). Do what brings you closest to your most authentic self. Make it a priority to find mentors, be a mentor, and follow your passions. Remember that mistakes are not the end of the world and everyone makes them. Be intentional and have confidence.”

Brianna Irvin

Brianna Irvin

Artist Management Assistant – Optimystic Group

A music enthusiast to her core, Brianna first got her start in the industry through joining her local street team, later going on to explore her freelance writing career as the editor-in-chief of popular music publication Electric Hawk. Brianna quickly found her interest and strength in long-term artist development, leading to her current position as an artist management assistant at Optimystic Group.

Working alongside reputable acts such as Liquid Stranger, Champagne Drip, TVBOO, Luzcid, MIZE, Tripp St., VEIL, Canabliss, and more, Brianna assists with day-to-day duties, including curating diverse and inclusive lineups, advancing shows and festivals, and coordinating marketing plans for releases. A role that wears many hats, she plans to continue pursuing her goal of full time management and helping cultivate a healthier, more empowering environment for artists, industry professionals, and fans alike.“

Advice for others: “Go for it, and don’t hold back when you do! Put in work that you’re proud to stand by, be grateful for the opportunity to learn something new every day, lift others up when you can, and don’t forget to celebrate your own successes along the way.”

Emma Hoser

Emma Hoser

Agent – Liaison Artists

Emma Hoser is a New York-based electronic agent at Liaison Artists, representing a diverse roster of electronic DJs and producers with a heavy focus on the underground house and techno sound. Emma’s roster includes clients Adam Beyer, Cirez D, Ben Böhmer, Nicole Moudaber, Jamie Jones, Patrick Topping and many more.

Emma volunteers as a mentor for young adults at local organizations including the Lower East Side Girls Club and The LGBTQI+ Center in NY and recently joined LVR Management for their amazing Mentoring Artist program online.

She began her journey in music as a club promoter in Florida during college. She later moved to San Francisco to finish her degree, and continued pursuing her love for music by selling mixtapes to stores all over the USA. Through these endeavors she met many DJs, promoters, and agents. Upon finishing college she moved to New York to start working in the agency business. After stints at several different agencies, she found her home in 2008 working for Paul Morris at AM Only. AM Only partnered with Paradigm in 2012 and fully merged into Paradigm in 2017. In 2020, she left Paradigm to work at Liaison Artists, an independent agency in the US and who specialize in cutting edge international talent with a laser focused personalized touch.

Junamae Rice

Junamae Rice

Festival Freelancer | Various

Junamae got her start around 2018 doing promotions for Disco Donnie Presents club shows in Nashville and slowly transitioned into the festival scene. Eventually she ended up with the DDP team again, working on our festivals! Junamae has carried the credentials role for the longest but recently switched over to the AR world. Junamae considers herself a pretty open person when it comes to work. She’s had all kinds of jobs. Coming from different fields has given her the skills and opportunities to get her where she is now.
Advice for others: Be humble.

Amanda Chapman

Amanda Chapman

Paid Media Specialist | San Diego, CA

Amanda’s inspiration to work in music started at her first festival, EDC 2017. Her dad bought her for her 21st birthday and from that weekend forward she knew she was built to help bring music to life. She started out by taking photos for a magazine and helping smaller artists with social media and PR. Right after college, she moved to LA and gave up a teaching job in hopes to make music a full time gig. She started with an entry position at a digital marketing agency working in all avenues of music marketing. She discovered her passion for events and later took over her current role at DDP. Day to day, Amanda handles all paid marketing for Disco Donnie Presents. Disco has 1000+ club shows and festivals per year and she handles all of the digital advertising that comes along with it.

Essentially her job is to work with partners, artists and the internal marketing teams to make sure the shows sell out! Amanda wouldn’t be where she is without the help of many other music industry professionals. She also attributes her success to high self motivation and work ethic. Her advice to other women is to “Know your ‘why’ and stay close to it. Your ‘why’ should be such a piece of who you are, that failure to fulfill that ‘why’ is not an option no matter how difficult the path to getting there might be.”

Emma Nuttall

Emma Nuttall

Day to Day Manager | Gryffam Group

Emma is currently a day to day manager / assistant for a global electronic dance music artist (TheDarkroom/Interscope) at Gryffam Group. Emma grew up on house and techno music, so the electronic music scene has always been one for her. She got started in music as a marketing and press rep at °1824 under Universal Music Group for the last three years. During her time here, Emma landed UMG a partnership with Music Minds Matter, where individuals can become Mental Health First Aid certified and learn more about mental health in the music industry.

She also started as a brand ambassador for Live Nation and started the first ever EDM radio station at Temple University in Philadelphia. Over the last year, Emma has been doing freelance marketing and PR for independent artists and businesses as well as artist management for seven developing producers, DJs, and vocalists to build up her experience and skill set. Emma started as the advertising and social media coordinator in July of 2021 at Unlocked Presents where she assisted in all live shows at the venue, The Ave Live, in Philadelphia. Lastly, she is doing all of this while completing her final year of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Emma aspires to use her skills and passion to grow and make a positive effect on the music industry and have her own global festival one day!

Advice for others: “My advice for other women in this field is to have women mentors! At least one older than you, at least one younger than you. Be reliable and be available.”

Megan Braley

Megan Braley

Coordinator, Electronic Music | United Talent Agency

Megan started in 2012 at The Agency Group in LA. Working her way from unpaid intern, reception, to an assistant on multiple desks and a wide variety of rosters including rock/metal, jazz, folk, electronic and more. After 4 years of learning the core agency ropes, she decided to fully submerge herself in electronic music where her true passion was. Adam Chaves (Shalizi Grp) connected the dots between Megan, and the Circle founders/owners/operators, Steve Gordon, and Kevin Gimble, which solidified her career path at Circle Talent. After a groundbreaking move, UTA later acquired Circle in 2018, ultimately forming their incredible Electronic Music Dept.

Megan’s current day to day work is tour routing & strategy, A&R, project coordination alongside various agents within UTA Electronic. The UTA roster includes respected names such as Excision, Swedish House Mafia, Marshmello, Illenium, Alesso, Boris Brejcha, ZHU, Netsky, and countless others.

Working alongside some of the monumental artists Megan grew up with: Kaskade, Deadmau5, Infected Mushroom, Paul van Dyk, and so many more. Megan is the first coordinator AND female to be promoted within UTA Electronic, paving a new path for other great colleagues to shine.

Some attributes that Megan feels helped her find success in this field: “Trust your gut. Don’t be a jerk. Kindness isn’t weakness. Teamwork is essential. Be a mentor. Ask infinite questions. Make mistakes. I would like to give an extra special shout out to my lifelong mentors, Steve Gordon & Kevin Gimble, who took a chance on me, believed in me, and haven’t looked back since. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support and dedication toward what we do. So much love to everyone on our team. I have also been extremely blessed to have the immense support of my family from day one in this wild industry.”

Advice for others: “No matter how much you are tested, do not conform to “normalcy”, and stick to your true north. With hard work and solid commitment, there is a place for all of us in music.”

Lauren Wright

Lauren Wright

Vendor Operations Manager | Disco Donnie Presents

Lauren started by helping out friends bands with merch, album cover photos, etc. When she moved back to Texas in 2016, Lauren started working DDP Aqua shows every Sunday at SISU, working box office for Third String Productions, and hospitality for Bomb Factory, Canton Hall, and Trees.

As the Vendor Operations Manager for Disco Donnie Presents, Lauren advances all the food and retail vendors for DDP festivals. From the moment vendors are selected until they leave the festival site, she manages operations.
As an independent contractor Lauren assists tours, shows, or festivals with Artist relations, hospitality, merch management, box office management, VIP experiences, etc.

Some attributes Lauren attributes to her success: “Always be on time and willing to help in areas outside your roll to make the magic happen. Growing up working at my family’s business, I learned that sometimes you need to wear more than one hat and be knowledgeable in all fields to be most useful.”


Introducing Our New Talent Discovery Program!

talent discovery program by disco donnie presents

For the last 28 years, Disco Donnie Presents has brought up new talent in the electronic music space. Our new program Disco Spotlight aims to give new talent an opportunity to have their music heard!

By submitting to the Disco Spotlight program, your music will be reviewed by a team of talent buyers and DDP executives. Outstanding entrants will be considered to receive opening slots at festival & club shows, reviews of their music, and mentorship by the DDP team.

Submit your application to the Disco Spotlight program today!

Disco Donnie Presents Honors First Responders, Veterans, and Gold-Star Families with $1,000,000 Ticket Donation

Veterans Day

Disco Donnie Presents, one of the country’s leading live music promoters, has pledged to donate $1,000,000 worth of tickets to its 2022 festivals and club events, including Ubbi Dubbi, Sunset Music Festival, Freaky Deaky, and over 1,000 club shows around the US.

The donation was made to non-profit organizations Vet Tix and 1st Tix. Vet Tix and 1st Tix (which is powered by Vet Tix) are national 501(c)(3) non-profit foundations supporting our military and first responder communities. These services provide free event tickets to first responders, currently serving military, veterans, and gold-star families to sporting events, concerts, performing arts, and family activities.

The donation is dedicated in memory of PFC Jason Hill Estopinal, Donnie’s younger cousin, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010 during his service in Operation Enduring Freedom.

“Our first responders and veterans are the ones who keep us safe and they’ve had a rough year. We wanted to show them some love, honor their work, and spark a little joy, by welcoming our heroes to our best festivals and club shows. We invite other promoters from all types of music to join us in this effort,” Disco Donnie said.

The $1,000,000 worth of tickets donation follows up on a $150,000 donation of 2021 Freaky Deaky Texas tickets, which just took place this past Halloween. In addition to ticket donations, Freaky Deaky has also made donations to local groups, including $10,000 to the Houston Food Bank and $10,000 to the Texas Association of First Responders. DDP also donated $25,000 to Americares for Hurricane Ida relief. In total, DDP has donated over $500,000 to local charities where the festivals are operated. DDP’s combined ticket and cash donations over the past eight years total over $1.5 million, reinforcing their commitment to giving back and supporting the communities that support them.

For media inquiries contact:

Women of The Disco: Part 7

While it’s no secret that women are underrepresented in the Music Industry; Female leadership has proven to be an imperative factor for the success of the Electronic Dance scene. Women of The Disco is an initiative to highlight some of those powerhouses who are trailblazing the path and shaping the future of EDM.

Women of The Disco: Top10

Liz Miller

Liz Miller

Facebook & Instagram | New York City, NY

Liz got her start in the music industry in 1996 by passing out flyers for raves in Boulder and Denver in exchange for free entry, which eventually led to being paid to pass them out. After doing that throughout college, the role turned into a full-time job in 1999 working with the promoter Together Productions putting on legendary events like the Skylab series.

Then in 2003 Liz was the second employee to join the not-yet-launched platform called Beatport where she helped conceptualize and implement account management strategies for labels and distributors selling their music on the platform.

In 2006, Liz moved to Berlin to help expand the Beatport label account management team, to then later be headhunted to move to NYC in 2010 to act as General Manager and oversee the re-launch of the legendary Big Beat Records imprint under Atlantic Records.

After some time at two other electronic music-focused companies (SFX and Dubset), Liz has now been in a role at Facebook and Instagram since 2018, where she is a Strategic Partnerships manager for music artists in all genres working with anyone from Metallica to Coldplay to Willow Smith. The role consists of talking with artists and their teams about new products across platforms and ensuring they are effectively using these features to reach fans and find new ones.

Liz’s piece of advice for women in the industry; “Whatever opportunity you’re given, even if it’s a menial task, do it the best you can and make sure the people around you feel like you’ve added real value. You never know who is watching or who you will impress that can lead to your next career move.

Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson

Live Nation | Toronto, CA

Alex Simpson is a festival manager for Live Nation currently based out of Toronto, Canada. As a festival manager, her job is to create immersive fan experiences reminiscent of those that inspired her to join the music industry and create these large-scale events. Like many in the events industry, her talents don’t fit in just one box! She’s a jack queen of all trades, with her hands on everything from socials and branding to ticketing and VIP programs to production and lineup curation. She fell in love with the magic of festivals in 2012, and joined Live Nation as an intern in 2014. There, she got her first taste of working in the electronic festival space and never turned back.

In just 6 months, she had a full-time role on that same team, and she’s been forging her own path at Live Nation for the last 6 years to her current role as festival manager, where she will oversee multiple properties nationally. She’s worked on many festival properties, most notably Dreams Music Festival, as well as VELD, CBC Music Festival, Field Trip, Escapade, and Matty Fest. She is also joining the JUNOS Dance Recording committee for 2022 to help shine a light on emerging electronic talent in Canada. Over the years she has worked with many initiatives that highlight musical talent from marginalized groups like women, LGBTQ+, and POC. In her climb to the top, she attributes her success to authenticity and staying grounded in her ultimate goal to create memories that last a lifetime.

Courtney Durler

Courtney Durler

Sleeveless Records | Healdsburg, CA

Courtney’s journey in music began in 2015 when she was living in San Francisco. She took on merch design and fulfillment responsibilities part-time for Sleeveless Records and even bought a sewing machine to get her feet wet in merch production. As time went on, Courtney took more on and then decided to quit her job in tech and move to LA in 2016 to be closer to the electronic music scene and to manage Sleeveless Records full time.

Courtney’s job responsibilities include all kinds of administrational work, setting up an LLC and keeping up with business taxes, sourcing merch in LA’s fashion district and working with various printers and vendors on production, order fulfillment, receiving demos and filtering promising submissions, running various social media accounts and campaigns, working with artists on release strategy and timelines, creating engaging content via Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects, and building the Sleeveless community online and at events through merch vending and group meetups.

In 2018, Courtney stepped into the role of day-to-day manager for Stylust, label boss of Sleeveless Records. This gave her the chance to be more involved in tour planning, intensive brand building, and artist strategy.

Courtney has found success in her role as label and artist manager through routine work ethic and a burning passion for underground bass music. Being able to help young and upcoming artists get their music out into the universe has helped drive her purpose, and she is looking toward the future with hope and excitement after an unprecedented 2020.

Inbal Lankry

Inbal Lankry

Prisma Artists | Miami, FL

Inbal Lankry is the founder of Prisma Artists, an independent talent agency established in 2017, representing electronic musicians and brands worldwide with a focus on North & South America. For over a period of 15 years, Inbal has developed a solid foundation in various aspects of the music industry ranging from promotions, event production and marketing to bookings and management.

Lankry’s beginnings can be traced back to age 15 when she was promoting for legendary New York Clubs, Limelight, Tunnel and Palladium, while simultaneously helping out older brother DJ Baby Sean with his residencies at various hot spots all over the city. She later migrated to South Florida in 2003, where Inbal & her siblings opened Sonar nightclub in Hollywood, voted Best Club of 2004 and 2005 by Miami New Times. A natural progression into DJing followed, making her one of the only female DJ/promoters in Miami’s local underground house music scene at the time. With her return to Miami in 2020 from a long interlude in Los Angeles, she has come back to Djing and has gained a reputation over the years for super tasteful cross-genre sets and has performed at some of the best parties & venues in both cities.

After gaining some notoriety in the South Florida scene through her club and satellite parties, she took on the role of Marketing & Booking Director for the legendary Electric Pickle in Miami 2009-2012. Inbal was instrumental in the success of making the venue one of the most sought-after gigs in the United States for artists across the globe. During her time there, the Electric Pickle was voted one of the Best US club by Rolling Stone. Simultaneously, she also produced several events throughout Miami yearly including Get Lost, Paradise, Crew Love, etc.

In 2012 she became one of the agents on Damian Lazarus’ formed Rebel Agency that was later to join CAA. After joining CAA and working in the corporate agency world as an agent at CAA, Winidsh/Paradigm where she developed several acts including Hercules & Love Affair, Purple Disco Machine, Soul Clap, Amtrac, Kindness, Fur Coat, etc. she finally branched out and founded Prisma Artists in 2017 where she continues to develop her roster with a passion for innovative artists.

With a far-reaching contact base and years of experience in the industry she provides a high level of service and a unique approach of touring to the following clients on the Prisma roster including (but not limited to): &ME, Francesca Lombardo, Max Cooper, Rampa, Jennifer Cardini, Keinemusik, Telefon Tel Aviv, Patrick Holland, Satori, Adam Port, Moscoman, Tiger & Woods, etc.

Valerie Lee

Valerie Lee

Twitch Music | Los Angeles, CA

Valerie Lee is the Premium Music Content Manager for Twitch. At Twitch, she oversees content strategy for Premium Music Partners, working with industry leaders like Rolling Stone, Bowery Presents, Relix, Rolling Loud, Shawn Gee’s BlackStream Live, Beatport, Paxahau, and more. Valerie has worked in the world of music, tech, and media for over seven years. Previously, she worked on content partnerships with virtual concert start-up Wave XR, working on The Weeknd’s groundbreaking show on TikTok; as the Global Culture Editor at Mixmag, where she oversaw editorial, live events, and live streams; and as the Content Manager at International Music Summit, where she helped to launch the debut IMS China in 2015.

In addition to her work behind-the-scenes, she has also cultivated a voice and presence in music media, contributing as a writer to Billboard Dance, launching an award-nominated podcast for Mixmag, hosting her own news and interview show called The Newsfloor, and hosting the record-breaking Coachella live stream. Valerie lives in Los Angeles and besides music, she is a big fan of the library, dogs, cats, and cooking.

Paige Turner

Paige Turner

Tour Coordinator / Assistant Tour Manager | Knoxville, TN

Paige began her journey in the music industry by studying film lighting, at that time she was also working as a local stagehand to make money while in school. Her first touring job was in 2002 as a lighting tech, then in 2005 she became a Production Assistant and Merchandise Manager. In these roles, Paige couldn’t help but notice that she was one of only a few women on the entire touring staff, but did not let that deter her. Paige continued to flip between these two roles until about 2012 when she made the leap to Production Coordinator, shortly thereafter moving on to Tour Coordinator / Assistant Tour Manager, and hasn’t looked back since.

Her current role involves much more than meets the eye, including weeks of prep before the tour begins and weeks of work wrapping things up after it’s ended. Paige’s day-to-day workflow varies drastically while touring. Some of her responsibilities include taking care of band/artist’s needs/wants, coordinating with local promoters, maintaining daily float, and being an overall badass. Paige attributes her professional success to being organized, being a great multi-tasker, having an amazing tribe of women to lean on, and just a bit of magic.

Amanda Medina

Amanda Medina

iHeartRaves & EmazingLights The Emazing Group | Phoenix, AZ

Amanda’s first taste of the industry came when she was in college and interned for Infected Mushroom’s tour management. At that time, Amanda found herself enamored with the EDM community as a whole, both professionally and personally. She fell in love with the culture and fashion of festivals so much so that she decided to dedicate her career to spreading that sense of wonder and community with as many people as possible. Fate handed her the opportunity to do just that when she found a Craigslist listing to work with a new start-up, building e-commerce brands in the EDM space; this once start-up is what today stands as iHeartRaves.

Amanda currently manages the acquisition, retention, and brand marketing teams for all 3 of the Emazing Group brands’ websites as well as the on-site promotions, partnerships, and sponsorship at festivals. Amanda owes the success of her career and iHeartRaves as a brand to the deep connection they both have with the EDM fan community.

Quote from Amanda: “The most rewarding aspect has been seeing the path I’ve paved for the women on my team to follow their own dreams and work in a career that ties their passions to their strengths.”

Lauren Kenner

Lauren Kenner

Mercy Agency | Jacksonville, FL

From EDM to hip-hop to pop to television, Lauren has made waves across many areas of the entertainment industry. She is the co-founder of Mercy Agency, an expansive marketing collective focused on developing major artist brands, organic content, and social media strategy. Lauren attributes her success in the industry to networking, a strong work ethic, and strong moral values.

Quote from Lauren: “I’m so lucky to work closely with some of the most hard-working and resilient women out there. Being a woman in the music industry can really suck sometimes, but banding together with other strong women has really helped me grow and thrive. Look for your community of good, professional humans and keep them close!”

Sam Kern

Sam Kern

Grim Photos | Shanghai, China

Sam found her interest in photography all the way back in middle school when her mom gave her her first camera. In high school, she was fond of taking pictures of her friends and local bands. Sam was always the person with the camera taking everyone’s picture. This continued through college, however, it wasn’t until after college when she moved to Shanghai to start a career as a teacher that she first dipped her toes into the EDM scene. After seeing advertisements for artists she liked coming to Asia, she began sending emails to photograph shows. Following countless emails, Sam’s first gig was with Zed’s Dead at Creamfields Hong Kong 2017. She was so shocked to even have the opportunity, she almost didn’t believe it was real. From there Sam’s career began spiraling! She continued to work local events in Shanghai and all over Asia, doing videography and portrait photography and being a tour manager.

During the pandemic, there was really no opportunity to be working with foreign artists so Sam shifted her focus on local talent and added MUA to her skill set along the way, all while still maintaining her teaching job. Sam prides herself on it being rare for her to work with an artist then never work with them again, stating one of her most notable tours were two she did with Rezz in 2018. Sam says passion is what makes her so successful in her career. Currently, she has moved back to the states and looks forward to all her upcoming festival bookings both with reoccurring artists and new ones!

Quote: “I love capturing the energy of shows, I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, and most importantly, gotta love the music. <3"

Susan Zimmerman aka SiouxZ

Susan Zimmerman aka SiouxZ

Publicist Magnum Publicity | New York City, NY

SiouxZ attributes her start in the industry to a moment of ‘right place, right time’. She started her professional career out as a receptionist for a late-night cult TV music show called “Night Flight”, where she learned about music promotion, combining music and visuals, and continued her passion for creative writing. Following this role, SiouxZ became assistant to Head Writing and Director of Music Video Acquisitions, then moved on to TVT Records where she began her career in publicity. Nowadays SiouxZ is straight hustlin’. Being a publicist means constantly dealing with deadlines, sifting through emails daily, industry research, and lots of time management. SiouxZ has worked with an impressive list of clients including Disco Donnie Presents.

As far as achievements go, SiouxZ’s are endless. From working with Nine Inch Nails for 10 years to Avicii to Daft Punk, just to name a few. Previous to Magnum PR, SiouxZ was the proprietor of Formula PR which was one of the first independent U.S. electronic /dance music-oriented PR firms. She attributes her success to running her business on passion, noting that every client she has ever worked with she wholeheartedly believes in, and dancing like nobody’s watching.

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Women of The Disco: Part 6

While it’s no secret that women are underrepresented in the Music Industry; Female leadership has proven to be an imperative factor for the success of the Electronic Dance scene. Women of The Disco is an initiative to highlight some of those powerhouses who are trailblazing the path and shaping the future of EDM.

Presenting Part 6 as where we feature women from all corners of the industry who keep the Disco ball spinnin! 💃 ✨

alexis sturm

Alexis Sturm

Alexis Sturm Media | Austin, TX

Alexis Sturm is a freelance event photographer and owner of Alexis Sturm Media where she shoots for RealMusic Events and GolfClap. Proclaimed a lead creative in her field by her peers, Alexis has an eye for detail and unique style. She has had her photos printed in DJ Mag and has worked with multitude of Artist & Festivals such as AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo, GG Magree, Friendship, LAN, Electric Zoo, Spring Awakening, Ubbi Dubbi & more! Her love of music started in highschool where she quickly realized that concerts were her happy place. Once she graduated, she purchased a camera and began teaching herself everything there was to know about photography. With determination and perseverance she began bringing her camera to small local shows around Austin to practice and build a portfolio. In Fall 2018, Alexis joined RealMusic Events where she has covered events such as Seismic, DB BBQ, Anjunadeep Open Air, Desert Hearts, and more. She simultaneously was networking and shooting shows with various artists throughout Texas which opened up the Door to becoming the professional she is today.

ally maas

Ally Maas

AEG Presents Southwest | Dallas, TX

Ally Maas is the Marketing Director at AEG Presents Southwest Where she is currently responsible for handling shows within the southwest region (Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Louisiana- with the occasional Arizona show sprinkled in) and overseeing marketing for The Theatre at Grand Prairie. Ally handles marketing aspects from small 200 capacity shows through large capacity national touring events. Throughout her years in highschool & college Ally volunteered at as many events as possible. She took every opportunity available which included working on street teams, working merch, and interning with labels and magazines. Ally was a huge believer that there is no such thing as a small job and found the value in every position. After working a few festivals in Dallas, Ally was offered a position working with a non-profit organization on Warped Tour. That experience motivated her to pursue music, so she changed her major and transferred colleges to be closer to a more active music scene. Ally dived head first into the industry following her time with The Canvas Foundation. She began working at iHeart Media in Dallas where she worked her way up from answering phones to National Promotions Coordinator. Ally’s heart has always been in events and so she eagerly applied for a job with the AEG team in 2017. Since joining AEG Presents Southwest, she has continued to advance professionally working her way up from a marketing assistant position to the marketing director role.

andrea graham

Andrea Graham

Bass Coast Music Festival / DJ & Producer | Squamish, BC, Canada

Andrea Graham, better known by her stage name The Librarian, is a celebrated Canadian DJ, producer, and curator. She is the co-founder and music director of Bass Coast Music Festival – known internationally for its innovative music programming and installation art – and is widely considered one of bass music’s leading creative minds and tastemakers. Equally an artist and entrepreneur, Andrea’s reputation as an inclusive community-builder in the electronic world has brought her a legion of fans and industry followers across the globe. As a DJ, Andrea’s sets move through bass music, footwork, jungle, garage, 130, halftime & drum and bass, tying those diverse genres together with low end frequencies that push the boundaries of the world’s biggest PAs. Andrea performs throughout Canada, the USA, Australia, NZ, India, & Central America. Past performance highlights include Coachella, Symbiosis Gathering, Bumbershoot, Lightning in a Bottle, Bass Center, Freestyle Sessions, Rainbow Serpent, and Shambhala. Andrea studied classical piano, jazz piano, guitar and voice until early adulthood, before translating that classical skillset into her passion for electronic music in the early 2000’s. The Librarian moniker was given to her by friend and Bass Coast co-founder Liz Thomson, referring to her signature glasses and expansive library of music.

caitlin kreider

Caitlin Kreidler

Atlanta, GA

Starting out in her hometown of Atlanta, GA, her first gig was assisting the Artist Relations team at Magnetic Music Festival in 2013 where she was quickly scooped up by Andrea Brown, one of the “50 Women of Disco”. Since then, she’s had the honor to work alongside Brown on the Talent Relations side of countless festivals including powerhouse Disco Donnie Presents productions Sunset Music Festival, Freaky Deaky, Ubbi Dubbi, Something Wicked, Something Wonderful and Sun City Music Festival. Outside of Disco Donnie Presents she has also worked festivals and shows including Friendship Festival, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, SHAQ’s Funhouse, Gronk’s Beach Party and more. Her work in the industry does not stop there. Caitlin was also a part of an esteemed lifestyle public relations firm in Atlanta, Caren West PR, where she developed a new role within the company, Artist Relations Specialist. She assisted and set up interviews between artists and media on Imagine Music Festival and Relentless Beats productions including Phoenix Lights, Decadence, Goldrush and more. Towards the end of 2019, Caitlin decided to break out on her own as a personal publicist for restaurants and bars where she creates a strong brand awareness in the press and social media, all while continuing her talent relations work. Her passion and true loyalty to her clients, employers and co-workers has helped her find strength and happiness in her field of work, but it’s her hardworking, can’t stop, won’t stop mentality that keeps her moving forward. It’s been one wild ride for Caitlin so far and she feels very fortunate to have had a career filled with a whirlwind of possibilities and encounters with truly incredible people in the music industry.

diane tamulavage

Diane Tamulavage

Universal Music Group for Brands | Philadalphia, PN

Diane Tamulavage is the Senior Digital Strategy Manager for Universal Music Group for Brands and living proof that strong networking skills can help you find your dream job. After graduating college Diane Tamulavage knew two things were certain: She loved Electronic Music & She loved to write. While being fully immersed in the NYC / Philly dance scene, Diane came across an opportunity to combine both of her passions and began writing for Your EDM. She would go on to land her first role as social media coordinator for Tiesto’s label, Musical Freedom Records. There she would discover Fame House – a digital marketing agency for artists & festivals. Diane eventually found herself in a full time role at Fame House as a Digital Marketer, which would lead her to her current role with the UMG Brand Partnerships division. Diane says her success can be attributed to “Saying yes to unconventional opportunities, being willing to wear many hats, & understanding no task is too big or too small. I’ve also had the privilege of being surrounded by great teammates & colleagues who push and challenge me”. In her current role, Diane ideates & manages the digital components of partnership campaigns between brands & UMG artists. This can be anything from brainstorming creative concepts to managing media spends & social media calendars, working with influencers and tapping into innovative tech partners. She’s helped bring in (4) Music Ally Best Music Marketing Campaigns of the Year awards with clients such as Robin Schulz, Disco Donnie Presents, and Imagine Festival. Diane has also had her hand in some larger cultural moments such as the Pokémon 25 partnership with UMG including the Pokémon Day virtual concert with Post Malone & the Lenovo & Jonas Brothers ‘For All Creators’ campaign.

heather garcia

Heather Garcia

See Tickets US | Burbank, CA

Hailing from the Golden State of California, Heather Garcia is the Web and graphic designer at See Ticket US. As a multimedia student in her early 20’s, Heather’s world revolved around music. With a special attraction and interest in electronic music, she yearned for the moments when she could go to shows and enjoy them with her closest friends. While looking for an internship she wanted to find a position that would merge both of her passions. Thus leading her to apply to Flavorus, an online event ticketing platform, later becoming See Ticket US. Now being with the company for 7 years Heather has been able to work on web and marketing content for some of my favorite festivals and venues. She would occasionally travel to work on the field at large events, which was so fun that it never truly felt like work. Now Heather mainly focuses on building websites for their music/venue clients, building seating charts, and handling client design requests. In the last 12 months, she have built over 25 websites for See Ticket clients. Heather says “The job isn’t always a walk in the park. When I run into challenges I always remind myself to take a deep breath, count my blessings and keep going.”

heather kohler

Heather Kohler

Event Management Consultant | Nashville, TN

Heather started working in production in 2009 with Ultimo Presents in Nashville, TN managing club shows. Her love for the industry grew from there, she had found something that she was passionate about and that she excelled at. Then, she decided to broaden her horizons and went on to managing various areas of production within music festivals and large events. Those roles included, Box Office, Medical Administration for the on site hospitals, Director of Operations for the Burning Man Transportation airport, among many other roles. A few notable events on her resume include, The Disco Donnie music festivals, Lollapalooza, Burning Man, Bonnaroo, Holy Ship, EDC, and countless more. She thrives when it comes to creating, improving, and implementing processes while keeping a huge focus on customer service. Heather is the epitome of what it means to be a freelancer in this industry. Hopping from one city to the next and working on several events at the same time, all the while keeping a smile on her face and an energy drink in her hand. She has been a part of 30+ events each year for the better half of a decade now and is looking forward to getting back into the hectic, ever-evolving event world that she loves.

kiri gragg

Kiri Gragg

Target ME Marketing & Events | Tucson, AZ

Kiri began in the industry over 20 years ago running large scale nightclubs, which lead to hosting national acts inside, and then building larger scale in their parking lots. While working with small teams, Kiri jumped in the deep end, wore all the hats when needed. From starting in the trenches by pushing road cases she became skilled in so many different departments by learning from the bottom up. To go from nightclubs to building in parking lots to being apart of the Team to bring TomorrowWorld to the US, my journey, as w/ all of us has been ever evolving. For the last few years, Kiri has been privileged to work with industry leaders such as Medium Rare and Backbone International. Her focus has shifted to over-all operations and logistics of larger scale events. Including festival and campground operations, food and beverage consulting, and most recently in the livestream world w/ Shaquille O’Neal’s Shaq Bowl. Throughout the years she has played crucial roles in events such as Shaq’s FunHouse, Gronk Beach, TomorrowWorld, Decadence, Electric Zoo, EDC/Camp EDC, Okeechobee, Presidente Festival (Dominican Republic) and so many more. While Kiri claims to have been blessed to be a part of some amazing events & Teams, we know that those events were really blessed to have her.

maria southgate

Maria Southgate

Never Say Die Records / NSD: Black Label | London, UK

An experienced marketing and PR manager, Maria oversees promotional efforts for Never Say Die Records and NSD: Black Label. Her primary focus is to maximise exposure for the two labels and their rosters, as well as to handle product management and help each release reach its full potential. Maria got her start in the industry as a Press Assistant for D&B label Viper Recordings. She then progressed on to a Campaign Manager role at Infectious PR, before settling into her all-encompassing role at NSD. Having been obsessed with dance music for as long as she can remember, Maria has a particular passion for dubstep, drum & bass and the more underground sounds. Thanks to this, she has built up an enviable wealth of expertise within bass music, as well as within the wider dance music realm. Much of Maria’s work with NSD is front-facing, but a lot happens behind the scenes; working with the wider NSD team to pinpoint strategy and bring your favourite artists’ releases to life. Maria says “As a woman, don’t be afraid to own your space in the industry! Focus on achieving great results and don’t let anyone undermine your worth. Your hard work will do the talking.”

pamela crick

Pamela Crick

Coalition Entertainment | Los Angeles, California

There is a clear lack of women talent buyers in the Electronic Music industry and Pamela Crick is here to change that. Working full time talent buying for Coalition Entertainment, Pamela works on collaborative efforts within their team as well as running her own accounts. A few of their clients include Myth Nightclub in Jacksonville, FL, Public Works in San Francisco, Elements Festival in Pennsylvania and Imagine Music Festival in Georgia. Pamela started her journey in the music industry booking concerts at UCLA. She would go on to work at APA, then CAA with her former boss Ferry Rais-Shaghaghi. Pamela left the agency world and went back to her roots with the booking side of the industry. She joined Coalition Entertainment in February 2020, right before the pandemic hit. She did not let the roadblock set her back and continued to find growth in her new position. After work hours, Pamela is also a DJ/producer under my alias Pam Sessions and even performed on the Desert Hearts live stream. If you didn’t think she was busy enough, Pamela also owns a local events company, Sound Dunes, that hosts house music parties around Los Angeles.

The 50 Women of The Disco Series: Week 5 of 5

While it’s no secret that women are underrepresented in the Music Industry; Female leadership has proven to be an imperative factor for the success of the Electronic Dance scene. The 50 Women of The Disco is an initiative to highlight some of those powerhouses who are trailblazing the path and shaping the future of EDM.

Presenting week 5 of 5 as where we feature women from all corners of the industry who keep the Disco ball spinnin! 💃 ✨

angelica babas

Angelica Babas

HAM promotions | Texas, USA

Angelica Babas is the co-founder of the Dallas-based independent production company HAM promotions. HAM Promotions has had one thing in mind, to bring the best experiences to Dallas through bass music, and that’s just what they are doing. Growing up in Los Angeles, Angie got her start as a member of the insomniac street team for Insomniac Events in 2014. As her music taste evolved and she continued to network, she eventually started with Insomniac as an independent contractor. Angie moved to Dallas in 2017, where she met a group of lifelong friends who came up with the idea of starting HAM promotions. Since the beginning of 2018, they have had over sixty shows with over four hundred artists, raised 3k+ for the Grant Halliburton Foundation, created and hosted the first-ever Dallas Open Decks and now series, not to mention the awesome opportunity to work with hundreds of local acts along with notable national tours. Angie says, “I feel that a good team attributes to success, finding people you can work with. Situations can always get tough, but it’s about finding the people you’d get through those with.”

Alli Schloeman

Alli Schloeman

Hit Command / Lights All Night | Texas, USA

Alli Schloeman is a project manager at Hit Command, and a Festival Director for Lights All Night. Her creativity has led her to be proclaimed as the ‘Content Queen’ by her peers & co-workers. Alli started out as an intern for LAN in 2012 and has since worked for the festival for almost 10 years now. Alli recently got hired as the project manager for Hit Command, which aims to bridge the gaps between musicians, brands, gaming culture, and fans. Day to day she helps manage teams from different media worlds to create new and exciting interactive experiences on Twitch for artists and fans. Communication and problem solving are some of Allis greatest strengths Alli says “Every day I wake up having to solve a new problem, and make sure that the solution gets implemented properly. As an added bonus, I’m so passionate about the space I work in that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, and that definitely drives my motivation to succeed.”

reid speed

Reid Speed

Play Me Records & Play Me Too / Apple | Los Angeles, CA

DJ, producer, label boss, paradigm shifter. With over 2 decades of experience and a lifetime of persistence, Reid Speed is a premier purveyor of the art of DJing and a respected veteran of the North American Drum & Bass and underground dance music scenes. She came up in the New York City underground selling records at the USA’s first all-jungle/drum & bass shop Breakbeat Science, where she was one of the first American DJs to branch out into multi-genre-ism, incorporating 2-step and speed garage into her mixes, and later breakbeats, house, dubstep, trap, and other heavy bass music genres. She was the first female American Drum & Bass DJ to break through on a national and international level as both a DJ and producer and has served as an inspiration to generations of female talent since. Her labels, Play Me Records and Play Me Too, are stalwarts of the American Drum & Bass Scene and helped kick off the early explosion of the North American dubstep /heavy bass scene, having discovered or launched the careers of some of bass music’s top hitmakers like Dillon Francis, Bro Safari, Dodge & Fuski (Disciple), Eliminate, and many more. They’ve released over 400 artists in their decade of existence and continue to usher in wave after wave of successful new talent with a focus on drum & bass, halftime, dubstep, and leftfield heavy bass music. Reid’s graced the decks at countless events around the world like Electric Daisy Carnival, Sun & Bass, Shambhala; has done guest mixes for BBC Radio 1, Triple J, Ram Live, Beatport, and more, released music on Prog:ram, Viper, Play Me, and more, and has rocked raves, clubs, and venues from Limelight to The End. Her music has been licensed by brands like Nike, Puma, and Lenovo and she’s curated mixes for fashion brands Skingraft and Unbeing. She’s done 5 years of a drum & bass podcast (Speed of Sound), a multi-genre radio show on Dash (Full Speed), and recently launched her newest mix series, No Speed Limit. She’s even DJ’d on TV (the Jamie Kennedy Experiment). Reid Speed’s storied career has been based on constant, steady growth and breaking barriers for women in the industry. And whether live, in the studio, or in her role as a label boss, she consistently proves that she’s a force in the industry and one of the best and most versatile DJ’s in the game.

allison blythe

Allison Blythe

Los Angeles, CA

Artist management has always been a dream for Allison Blythe, and she would eventually make that dream a reality. As a day-to-day manager for various sized artists, her responsibilities change on the daily. Whether it’s A&Ring certain tracks for pitching to labels, advancing shows/livestreams, coordinating marketing plans for releases, developing social media plans and marketing, maintaining regular contact with our artists, or planning for the year ahead. Growing up in New York, Allison would work small jobs at local recording studios just to be around any and all kinds of music. She started interning in artist management at Control Music Group while at UCLA studying Music. She would then venture into the hip hop realm at G.O.O.D. Music, then back to EDM at Little Empire Music, then to All Access Management & Four Four Offset. In addition, Allison does marketing independently with pop artist Connor Bvrns. She was also the Artist Liaison for Space Yacht Events from 2017-2020. Allison has also had experience in tour managing and helps out on the side for those without Management or who need extra support.

julie nguyen

Julie Nguyen

JET Management | Los Angeles, CA

Julie Nguyen is a day-to-day and digital marketing manager at JET Management, working with artists such as Shiba San, Eden Prince, Madeon, and more. She worked on Madeon’s Good Faith campaign, which is Grammy-nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album, advising on digital/social media strategy, and led tour marketing for Good Faith Live. Julie got her start in the music industry interning at companies like Spirit Music Group, Live Nation, Hasbro Studios, and Paradigm. Her internship at C3 Management led to a full-time position in 2018. Now at JET Management, Julie oversees digital marketing/social media strategy, runs ad campaigns, email blasts, graphic design, video editing, and more. Julie attributes her success to her love of music, “First & foremost, I am a fan (especially of electronic music) which continues to drive my passion for working in this industry.”

Sydney Rogers

Sydney Rogers

Baked Up | Texas, US

Sydney Rogers is the founder, owner, and CEO of Baked Up, LLC. In early 2018 at just 21 years old, she launched Baked Up to combine her passions for electronic music, food, and bringing people together to enjoy various forms of art. From curating themed events like Weird Wubz and Candy Shop, to designing different merchandise, to baking and decorating custom desserts for performing artists, Sydney deeply appreciates being creative in various ways and sharing her creations with others. To date, Sydney has booked/worked with over 500 artists from around the world, thrown over 150 events in multiple states in the U.S., and collaborated with over 60 companies. She currently manages several artists, including Saratonin, LovelyBones, Zkosta, Lazy K, Kayten, Ghost In Real Life, Milazzo, and more with the help of her management team. Baked Up also recently added a record label under their umbrella called Hot Out Of The Oven Records, which Sydney is the CEO of as well. Her love for electronic music and the amazing people she works with as well as her deep desire to support others continues to motivate her as she strives to create a larger, stronger community that encourages people to express themselves through creative outlets.

mouna dif

Mouna Dif

Quality Goods Records | Paris, France

Head Of Operations at Quality Goods Records and Artist manager for a diverse roster of Electronic artists including UZ, Ian Munro, clavette and more! Distributed by Ingrooves/UMG, Quality Goods Records takes pride in having released a lot of artists in the trap electronic scene at the early days of their careers, their priority has always been to support the new up & comers; ATLiens, SAYMYNAME, Quix, Nitti Gritti, sumthin sumthin, Rome in Silver, TYNVN to name a few. Mouna also handles A&R, Admin, Branding, Release strategies, legal & other operation aspects for Quality goods. Music has always ran deep in her veins as she started out as hip hop singer/songwriter in the early 2000s. As she evolved into electronic music — her stage name being Moona – first in the UK house garage scene & deep house who was playlisted then by Diplo on his BBC radio show Diplo & friends in 2011, included in Shy FX official Ministry Of Sound takeover compilation. In 2014 Mouna becomes UZ’s Tour Manager and by the force of hands, a few years later became his Manager & launched his own label imprint Quality Goods Records in 2016.

gabrielle pharms

Gabrielle Pharms

Texas, US

Gabrielle Nicole Pharms is the lead copywriter for a marketing agency. She is also in the process of creating the voice identity of Our House, the world’s first museum dedicated to electronic music, specifically house. Gabrielle also contributes to outlets such as Reverb, Shondaland, and more. You can also catch her doing whiskey tastings/reviews since she’s recently expanded her beat outside of solely covering entertainment. Gabrielle has made some notable achievements in her career as she was the lead copywriter and created the tone of voice for the American edition of Mysteryland. You can also find her write-up on DJ/producer Kaytranada in this year’s GRAMMY program book. Gabrielle says, “It takes perseverance and humility. The quality of humility is so underrated. Being humble doesn’t mean letting someone walk all over you. Instead, it means not thinking more of yourself than is necessary. Also, kindness and generosity take you far. My mom always taught me that when you’re tight-fisted, you’re not letting blessings out — or in. Thus, I feel like there’s enough sun for everyone. I like sharing opportunities with other creatives in the industry.”

lily moayeri

Lily Moayeri

Los Angeles, CA

Lily has been a freelance journalist since 1992. She has contributed to numerous publications, including Billboard, NPR, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times, Grammy, Variety, Spin, Los Angeles Magazine, A.V. Club, and more. Lily hosts the Pictures of Lily Podcast, a bi-weekly podcast about her interviewing experiences. She has participated as moderator and panelist at numerous music conferences and is a guest speaker at Grammy Camp. She has also served as a teacher-librarian since 2004, focusing on guiding students in navigating the intersection of technology and education. She only has one item left on her journalism bucket list, and that is to interview Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees.

brianna stockman

Brianna Stockman

The Bomb Factory | Texas, US

From handing out flyers for DJs in college to managing 3 of the most prominent independent music venues in Dallas, Bri climbed the ladder quickly in just a few short years. As a college student in Orlando, she spent late nights standing outside a local club handing out flyers and occasionally working the front door, all for free. This is where she found her passion for live music. As the Box Office Manager, Bri works closely with artists teams to set up events online by backend building the event that actually allows guests to purchase tickets, additional experiences and see any necessary information for the occasion. She also oversees Meet & Greet / VIP experiences, organizes merchandise sales, and ensures guests have some of the most memorable nights of their lives at events. Being personable, energetic, and goal-oriented has allowed Bri to continuously evolve professionally, and she has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Ubbi Dubbi Donates $15,000 to Texas Food Banks

Ubbi Dubbi Donates to Texas Food Banks

Despite the economic impact of COVID-19, Ubbi Dubbi Festival producers Disco Donnie Presents (DDP) announced this week the company has donated $15,000 to three Texas Food Banks in the wake of the Texas ice storm, which has left many Texas families in need of food, shelter, and other necessities. Three food banks will receive $5,000 each, which include Houston Food Bank (Houston), North Texas Food Bank (Dallas), and Central Texas Food Bank (Austin). The funds will be shared as gifts from each of the festival characters, Ubbi, Dubbi, and Tubbi. The donation equates to approximately 7,500 meals for those in need. Nearly 1/3 of DDP’s staff was affected by the ice storm, so the challenges faced by Texans hit close to home.

DDP has long donated to charitable causes and philanthropic organizations. A full list of their charitable partners can be found at the Disco Donnie Presents website. Most recently, as a thank you for supporting the sold-out debut of the Ubbi Dubbi Festival, DDP also donated $15,000 to three separate regional Texas charities: The Fort Worth POA “Cops for Kids,” Fort Worth B-Cycle, and Girls Rock Fort Worth. Donating to charities and being involved with the community is an ongoing tradition at DDP.

“Serving the communities we operate in and helping those in need has always been an important part of DDP culture,” the company reaffirmed in a statement. In addition to the donations made by DDP, the company encourages fans and others to give, as even small donations to food banks, such as $30, can feed a family for a month.

Join Ubbi Dubbi and Disco Donnie Presents by making a donation of your own! Donate to the Houston Food Bank, North Texas Food Bank, and Central Texas Food Bank.

The 50 Women of The Disco Series: Week 4 of 5

While it’s no secret that women are underrepresented in the Music Industry; Female leadership has proven to be an imperative factor for the success of the Electronic Dance scene. The 50 Women of The Disco is an initiative to highlight some of those powerhouses who are trailblazing the path and shaping the future of EDM.

Presenting week 4 of 5 as where we feature women from all corners of the industry who keep the Disco ball spinnin! 💃 ✨

Christina Boemio

Christina Boemio

SLVYVLL Management | Texas, USA

Christina Boemio is the manager for Spock & day-to-day manager fo Pouya, Getter, Terror Reid, ELIOZIE, Parker, Yakz, AWEMINUS, and Axel Boy. Christina handles pretty much anything and everything, from advancing shows, touring & event logistics, visas, booking travel, artist relations, contracting, distribution, marketing, social media, creating & updated websites, and graphic design. After having prior experience working in artist relations in New Orleans, she knew this was the industry she was destined to be in. In 2014 Christina moved to LA with the dream of wanting to work in Electronic Music. After 6 months of living in LA, she landed the publicist job for Borgore’s Buygore Records. A Year later she transitioned to management full time. Christina is known for her organization and creativity. Her natural curiosity and vivid imagination brought her to pick up photography and graphic design on the side. This allowed her to expand her skill set and where she does photography for Clutch Creations, Content for Rave Nailz along and other freelance gigs.

Hyacinth Belcher

Hyacinth Belcher

Onstage Systems | Texas, USA

Hyacinth Belcher has been breaking stereotypes since the moment she fell in love with music. From being the first girl in her high school to be put on the snare drumline in marching band to taking over as CEO of Onstage, Hyacinth has overcome countless adversities in the industry. While studying theatre at SMU she began working as a call steward and lighting technician for her family’s company. She would spend the next decade playing electronic drums, acoustic drums and fretless bass for various local industrial and rock bands in DFW. During that time she started programming lights, then stage managing and finally Production Managing festivals while learning the in’s & outs of AV in our family business. As time went on, she was determined to run the family business and despite many negations along the way that “A female can’t lead a business in this industry; it’s a man’s world”, she knew what I wanted more than anything. Her efforts prevailed and, and shes made so many notable achievements a reality for Onstage. Including being named one of the top 10 AV companies in 2020 by Bizbash, working with clients like Disco Donnie, Lights All Night, George Strait, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Mark Cuban and supporting non profits like the Komen Race for the Cure. Most recently shes explored uncharted terrain by creating projects including a drive in series during Covid, that found a way to get people back to work safely. This not only helped events stay live, but allowed many people a momentary return to ‘normal’ in a time where so many are struggling.Hyacinth didn’t stop there and she joined as the Texas Vice Chair of the newly formed advocacy group for the industry, the Live Events Coalition.

Ascia Johnson-Popov

Ascia Johnson-Popov

GroundUP Music | Texas, USA

Ascia Johnson is a marketing genius and secret virtuoso. Growing up surrounded by music and its art, Ascia was proficient in 10 different instruments (yes, you read that right. TEN!). While she had a natural talent and passion for performing, she decided to take a different path and pursue a career in music on the business side. Graduating from Babson College Ascia immediately packed up her car and drove to Los Angeles, to begin two internships with Dim Mak Records and Wantickets. After some other internships and temp jobs in the industry, she was drawn back to Dim Mak where she was the marketing coordinator for 3.5 years. In November of 2019 Ascia began her own journey and found herself wearing many hats. As a full time digital marketing consultant for a variety of artists and brands, every day is different and filled with new tasks. Her main responsibilities involve release campaign strategy, social media management, and branding, with a sprinkle of graphic design and video editing.

Elizabeth Flynn

Elizabeth Flynn

Made Events | New York, USA

Brooklyn born and raised with an accent to prove it, Elizabeth Flynn (AKA LizzIe) is a one of a kind leader who means business. Lizzie got her start in the industry at various nightclubs where she learned the ropes of the New York music scene. Whether it was producing marches and parades for NYC Pride or the Village Halloween Parade in NYC, project managing corporate events for Fortune 100 brands, AR leading or box office managing; Lizzie has kept the mantra of “Evolve or Dissolve ” throughout. This year has caused major devastation to the music industry so Lizzie took matters into her own hands and “pandemic pivoted” to working on the frontlines to assist fighting the big C19 since April. She continues to make an impact on her community as she waits to get back to working on Made Event’s year round calendar of events & Electric Zoo Festival.

Taran Cornejo

Taran Cornejo

AEG Presents Gulf Coast | Louisiana, USA

Dancing straight from the bayou, Taran Cornejo is the Sr. Marketing Manager at AEG Presents Gulf Coast (Winter Circle Productions, BUKU Music & Art Project, Hangout Music Festival) + Artist Management for sfam. After attending Lights All Night in 2012, Taran Cornejo fell in love with culture and knew that this was the path she was destined to take. Starting off as a street team promoter, she worked through flyering, managing street teams, volunteering and years of merch, operations, health and safety and box office at different gigs until she reached her current role with AEG. Taran is responsible for the marketing of all shows and festivals which include around 100 shows a year, BUKU, Hangout and various large capacity events around Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest & Halloween. Taran says “the way music connects and has an impact on people is a beautiful thing, and being a part of that in any way is pretty cool.”

Mystee Yannarella

Mystee Yannarella

Subsonix / JYNXX | Oklahoma, USA

Based in Oklahoma City, Mystee Yannarella doubles as a marketing director by day and DJ by night. Her day job includes working with various artist management teams and partners developing local ad plans and market strategies to coordinate the best ways to promote different events, on top of overseeing the Subsonix street team. Her DJ career began six years ago, and has since played a variety of shows as well as the festivals such as Dancefestopia & Ubbi Dubbi. In addition to taking on all these responsibilities, she wanted to make an impact on her community and thus reformed the Subsonix Angels. This program was designed to help combat issues in the music scene such as sexual assault and suicide awareness. Her dedication to creating safe environments to dance is one of the many things that makes her stand out from the crowd

Jade Gaines

Jade Gaines

Artist Manager | California, USA

Originally from Denver, Colorado – Jade is currently an artist manager living in LA, working with some of your favorite artists like Of The Trees, Chee, 1788-L, G Jones, Eprom and more. Getting her start in the event world, Jade got into the industry interning at clubs like Beta Nightclub in Denver and Q Nightclub in Seattle. Her main experience has been in marketing and artist relations for a handful of different venues and artists before making her way into the management world a few years ago working at C3 Management. Many people know Jade for being forward facing with fans, running groups for her artists and helping with merch across her team’s roster, but most of her work is behind the scenes handling everything across the board to help make her artists’ visions come to life. She will soon be part of launching a new management venture with the other partners on her team.

Megan Lazaroff

Megan Lazaroff

Disco Donnie Presents / B&W Productions | Saint Louis, MO

Megan is an assistant to the Disco Donnie Presents talent buyers and the Event Director and Artist Liason for B&W Productions, a company based out of Saint Louis, MO. For Disco Donnie Presents she is responsible for creating offers, artist advancing, managing the event calendar, and reviewing contracts. She is responsible for the Box Office, artist management, and event planning for B&W Productions hosted events. She started off as a ticket clerk and street team coordinator for B&W Productions which eventually grew into the Event Director and Artist Liason. Her hard work finally landed her a job at Disco Donnie Presents four years later.

Anna Marie Taylor Cavitt

Anna Marie Taylor Cavitt

Substrukt Group / Disco Donnie Presents | Texas, USA

Anna Marie Taylor Cavitt – AKA AMC – is an artist manager for Substrukt (Zaxx & GHOST DATA) and regional marketing & operations manager for Disco Donnie Presents Texas. Growing up in Dallas, AMC has been making her mark on the scene before she was even old enough to get into the shows she was promoting. At the age of 17 she worked her first major festival called Tomorroworld and hasn’t slowed down since. Over the past 10 years, AMC has been involved in 46 festivals and 1000+ shows including Ubbi Dubbi, Freaky Deaky, Electric Zoo, Friendship, Lights All Night, Spring Awakening, Sunset Music Fest & many more!

Devon Feilding

Devon Fielding

Universal Music Group | Philadelphia, USA

Every Marketer and digital writer can memorize rules, but how you get people’s attention requires innovative creativity and Devon Fielding makes it look easy. She is responsible for giving a voice to the characters from Ubbi Dubbi which became a nationally recognized festival in its first year. Devon is currently the Digital Marketer at Universal Music Group in E-commerce and Label Services Department. She handles all e-commerce promotions efforts for UMG subsidiary UMG Nashville, pitching, planning, and executing promotions on their artist stores. Devons also coordinates with her clients creative teams to get assets for the stores, socials, and ads. In addition, she also works on a few other projects for UMe, the catalog arm of UMG, including the Go-Go’s, Ed Sullivan Show, and Steve Miller Band, coordinating all of their marketing from socials to email to merch to livestreams and more. She attributes her success to transparency and ability to build relationships, even over email, that could last a lifetime.

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