pegboard nerds revenge of the nerds 2017 tour

Join the Pegboard Nerds on Tour to Seek Revenge!

Nerds, unite! One of the most charismatic groups in dance music, Pegboard Nerds are on a mission to bring fans far and wide a taste of their funky electronic sounds on the upcoming Revenge of the Nerds 2017 tour. Named after the pair’s 2013 single, the tour will make 25 stops across the US including Dallas, Houston, and Orlando. Check out the Revenge of the Nerds tour this spring to experience first hand the massive energy of the Pegboard Nerds live. Buy tickets now!

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Nerd Out on Tour

Hailing from Denmark and Norway, the Pegboard Nerds soon went global after releasing a string of hit singles on Canadian label, Monstercat. With an inclusive sound that ranges from dubstep to electronica, and drum and bass; it didn’t take long for the duo to hit the international festival circuit.

Fast forward to today and the two remain steadfast in their quest to hone a unique sound all their own, “Any new song isn’t based on a specific recipe, but the excitement for whatever little idea or inspiring moment lights the spark in the creative process,” said Pegboard Nerds. “Tracks are difficult in their own way, but they are also enjoyable. Figuring out the secret key to each is essential.”

On “Voodoo” the Pegboard Nerds made their Spinnin’ Records debut with a collaboration alongside up-and-coming electro house producer, and Tiësto protegeé, Tony Junior. Fusing Junior’s brand of house with the Pegboard Nerds’ sunny melodies, “Voodoo” will definitely have you under its spell.

Check out Pegboard Nerds when they hit the road this spring on their Revenge of the Nerds tour, and join us on our partnering dates!

Join the Pegboard Nerds on Tour to Seek Revenge!