slushii presents the slush it up tour

We’re Gonna ‘Slush It Up’ on Tour With Slushii

Hailing from New Jersey, ice king Slushii has made already made a mark on the dance music scene, despite being fairly new to the game. Producing everything from trap to ambient drum and bass, for 2017, Slushii is taking his signature phrase to the streets with the announcement of the Slush It Up tour, tickets on sale now!

Upcoming Events:

Slushii has been slurpin’ his way into the hearts of many, thanks to his saccharine melodies that lay overtop grimy productions and rumbling wobbles. His debut EP Brainfreeze garnered nearly two million streams, had tracks that were on heavy rotation on SiriusXM’s Electric Area station, and ultimately reached #4 on iTunes dance charts. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the young talent accomplished all that before he had ever played a show!

Lately, Slushii continues to drop sinister beats and his most recent single does so while also delivering an uplifting message. “Dear Me” is an aptly titled love note to one’s self, starting off with a serene haze before dropping into Slushii’s signature frozen treats.

Join us on our partnering dates and get ready to Slush It Up when Slushii heads on tour this spring!

We’re Gonna ‘Slush It Up’ on Tour With Slushii