Excision's 2017 Tour Will Leave You Infected by a Gnarly 'Virus'

Dubstep legend Excision embarks on his 2017 Tour featuring the Paradox, plus 150,000 watts of PK Sound! Watch for special guests Cookie Monsta, Barely Alive, and Dion Timmer to round out the explosive performances with a mind-melting night of bass music. Grab tickets now for Excision’s 2017 Tour in a city near you!

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Get Lost in the Paradox With Excision on Tour

For his highly anticipated third studio album, Excision has effectively released a fatal Virus on us all. Once again the Canadian talent captures a hard-hitting energy that will undoubtedly take his live shows to another level, like on “Neck Brace” featuring Messinian and “Throwin’ Elbows” with Space Laces.

Marching into the new year with his signature stage production, Excision’s 2017 Tour will feature the Paradox, his third and most ambitious custom design. “Over the last few years we’ve been tracking all of the things we wished the Executioner stage could do,” he says. “And we’ve rolled every one of them into the Paradox.” Though the previous setup had video projection mapping, the Paradox will be modular and LED-based.

See Excision and friends on tour in 2017, tickets on-sale now!

Excision's 2017 Tour Will Leave You Infected by a Gnarly 'Virus'