Skrillex, GTA, Tchami, Vindata at Hogan's Beach

Skrillex, GTA, Tchami, Vindata at Hogan's Beach in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 4:30 PM.

Date Tuesday, October 28, 2014 Time 4:30 PM Age Limit 18+ Venue

5 Responses to Skrillex, GTA, Tchami, Vindata at Hogan’s Beach

  1. I'm under 18 so I must be satan

    thanks for the age limit you putz

  2. I'm under 18 so I must be satan

    Thanks for the age limit, Disco Dinner Plate

  3. When does this go on sale for people who don’t have American Express?

  4. why why why on a tuesday, reschdule for a sunday…

  5. I’m really Disappointed I cannot go to this event, because of the age limit, It would be really nice if You all came Back for a all access show, there hasn’t been any in years in this area, and I’ve been painfully waiting for that day to come, Perhaps when you release the new album? *** Skrillex….
    And I’m really not looking for expensive 1000$+ airplane tickets, and What if i wanna hang with my Friends, I can’t just pack them up and bring them with me, Anyways, Thanks for reading.

    Thanks A Loyal Fan/ a Producer/ and a dreamer. Someday i will do something good.

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