The Anjunabeats 2017 Tour Brings Label Favorites and More!

Each year, the Anjunabeats North American Tour continues to be one of the most anticipated events in electronic music, and 2017 is no different, as label favorites Andrew Bayer and Ilan Bluestone headline alongside appearances from Fatum and Jason Ross. Kicking off this March with dates in Dallas and Houston, the Anjunabeats tour is known to sell out. Buy tickets now!

Feel the Heat on Upcoming Tour Dates:

Curated by veteran trio Above & Beyond, Anjunabeats has become one of the most distinguished record labels in the dance music community. The imprints prolific nature produces highly anticipated events around the world and an internationally lauded radio show, Group Therapy. This year alone has seen two major singles including “Destiny” a collaboration between the tour headliners, as well as “Higher Love” by Seven Lions and Jason Ross.

With never a dull moment, the Anjunabeats 2017 tour also sees a first as Andrew Bayer and Ilan Bluestone are touring as a b2b duo for the first time. “It’s an honor to play with super talented Bayer back to back”, says Bluestone. “He really knows how to deliver music and we just vibe off each other, so it’s gonna be amazing to combine forces!”

The Anjunabeats 2017 Tour Brings Label Favorites and More!

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